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Dr. Shruti Is A Leading Transformational Speaker And Empath, Catering To Corporate Head Honchos,Senior Politicians Leaders, Media And Television Personalities And People From The Film Fraternity. As A Mentor She Inspires And Motivates People From All Walks Of Life To Recognize And Acknowledge Their Gifts And Talents. As A Life Coach She Sculpts And Chisels To Define The Overall Personality Of The Individual To Help Them Overcome Challenges In Life.

Dr. Shruti’s Experiential Learning Of 14 Yrs Has Been Packaged Into Workshops To Reach Out To Groups At Large. Her Workshops Are Not A Mere Power Point Presentation But Are Interactive Experiential Life Coaching Sessions From A Certified Medical Practitioner Who Has Stepped Out Of Chair To Be Able To Cater To A Large Number Of People.

She Also Conducts Various Workshops From Her Studio Every Month; Workshops On Ignorance To Wisdom Or Mind Training Are A Regular Feature. She Also Invites Renowned Professionals From Different Fields To Conduct Workshops And Training Programs With A Purpose To Empower People With The Right Knowledge.